She Podcasts Live 2022

October 11-14 | MGM National Harbor, Washington D.C.



This conference is the largest in-person gathering of women podcasters, audio content creators, story tellers, and more.

She Podcasts LIVE offers women audio creators a chance to learn and experience the podcasting community in an environment created just for them. We focus the education, the social interaction, and even the aesthetic on these attendees, and it makes a big difference in how She Podcasts LIVE feels from other conferences. We’re proud of creating a conference where everyone feels safe to stand up during a session and ask questions without feeling judged. They appreciate content that helps them juggle podcasting, work and family life. They are excited to meet so many amazing people, and create solid and supportive relationships that help them to feel less alone in their podcasting journey.


This year, our theme is Undeniable. And it’s not just because we, as women podcasters, are undeniably smart, gorgeous, and thrilling to be around, although all of those ARE true. It’s because:

  • We will not be denied a voice. Undeniable.
  • We will not be denied an opinion. Undeniable.
  • We will not be denied physical space.
    Space in your panel, space at your table, space in the room. 
  • We will no longer deny ourselves care. Undeniable.
  • We will no longer be denied. Undeniable.

The Venue

MGM National Harbor is the premiere entertainment destination located on the banks of the Potomac just outside of Washington DC. Featuring a 3,000 seat Theater, 308 luxurious hotel rooms, restaurants from acclaimed chefs and a gaming floor bigger than the White House, MGM National Harbor delivers monumental experiences daily.


She Podcasts LIVE 2022 starts out with a welcome and registration party on Tuesday night and follows through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning with content. 

The bulk of our content will be focused on the stages of growing a podcast – beginning, “tweaking” or refining, growth, reaching specific goals, and a “self-care” for those who want to socialize and participate in some fun or enrichment activities.


Start Track

For those who don’t have a podcast yet and want to get started on the right foot. Tech, branding, best practices go here. Our best podcasting consultants can be found teaching the basics in these sessions.


Refine Track

For those who don’t have a podcast yet and want to get started on the right foot. Tech, branding, best practices go here. Our best podcasting consultants can be found teaching the basics in these sessions.


Grow Track

All things marketing, audience growth, and process will go here.​


Achieve Track

This track will cover anything and everything needed to reach a goal with a podcast – whether it’s sponsorship, speaking, writing a book and more. Taught by those who have been there and done it all!


Nurture Track

This track is designed to offer activities to help you nurture yourselves, each other, your community, the world. Self care, meditation, creativity and other fun sessions will be scheduled under this track.​

2021 Highlights

Frequently Asked Questions

She Podcasts LIVE 2022 will take place in Washington, DC on October 11-14 at the MGM National Harbor. Buy your tickets here. 

She Podcasts LIVE is for you if 1) you want to be or are a podcaster, 2) you want to meet lots of women podcasters, 3) you want to offer a product or service to lots of female content creators.

Jessica grew up in the Washington suburbs, and met our Events Director, Jennifer Falik Rains, in summer camp when they were kids. 

So far, we’ve done an event in 2 cities that Jess has never been to, and it’s been so exciting! This year, we’ll be staying a bit closer to home for a lot of our members with the hope of simplifying travel and making sure as many of you can attend as possible. Also, the MGM National Harbor is a fabulous destination! See Venue button above.

Of course! The content is planned, prepared and delivered by those who identify as women. That said, our event is open to anyone who would like to attend. 

Yes, we will most likely have a live version of the event virtually, which means you can participate in all the sessions from home. 

Our policy is to offer refunds up to September 1, 2022. As an alternative, you may switch to a virtual ticket if you’re not able to make it in person. You may also transfer your ticket to another attendee at no charge. There will be no refunds after September 1, 2022.

Media and press passes for She Podcasts LIVE are available by invite only. We do have some media partners, and you can request this through our contact form to the right, however, please keep in mind that press passes are for traditional media outlets only. If you are a podcaster, you will not be granted a media pass and must purchase admission.

No, we don’t. If you want to attend any part of She Podcasts LIVE, you need to purchase one of the ticket pass options.

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